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CNC plasma square tube cutting projects

CNC plasma square tube cutting Machine is a special CNC equipment which is used for cutting metal pipe automatically. It can realize auto program and auto CNC nesting work for any complicated joint type of intertube, pipe, etc. And it can cut any type welding bevel at one time. This product is widely used for steel structure, shipbuilding, bridge and heavy Machine industries. The machine is suitable for cutting cylinder branch, two or three -layer saddle cutting of the main pipe. It is suitable for large quantities of professional intersection pipe cutting. The CNC plasma square tube cutting machine can be designed according to the different needs of users.

What is a CNC plasma square tube cutting machine used for?

1. Suitable materials: cutting Iron square tubes, Aluminum square tubes, Galvanized square tubes, Stainless square tubes, Titanium plates, etc.
2. Application industries: case shell of mechanical and electrical products processing, advertising signages, process decoration, black smith gardens, automobile, shipbuilding, electrical accessories cutting and processing, welding industry, etc.